Team Spirit Wins Dota 2's The International, Claiming $18 Million Prize

2021.10.18 05:22 Khishida Team Spirit Wins Dota 2's The International, Claiming $18 Million Prize
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2021.10.18 05:22 Yasha666 Vision Pulse Trades - Shiba Inu Coin - Crypto Price Prediction and Technical Analysis October 2021

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2021.10.18 05:22 Box_5009 Nothing wrong here

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2021.10.18 05:22 Elemental2029 I knew I'd fuck up eventually, I just didn't think it's be so soon.

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2021.10.18 05:22 Latter_Cellist_688 Cost of Kitty Fight

So it occurred to me Kayden is gonna have to use up some of his power to actually win. Which will slow down his regaining of human form.
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2021.10.18 05:22 Fiveminutedick "Momma Duck" addresses Hassan Cambell saying " if he was in jail and she was her his BM who let all 5 of his kids die, he would kill her

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2021.10.18 05:22 Gella321 Power Rob - Love Ain't Good Enough

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2021.10.18 05:22 Qrystral i'm literally l i t (only reason i'm posting this is cause this is kinda hot ngl)

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2021.10.18 05:22 crom-dubh Rekall sales pitch statistics

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2021.10.18 05:22 akozadeh Add a nightlight, may help if you have anxiety based insomnia

I have this speaker that has colorful LED lights in it and I decided to leave it one one night. I realized the overthinking I do at night COULD be caused by the darkness.
It might explain why I always feel on edge at night, being that there HAVE been break in attempts and my street isn't the most safe feeling.
The ambient light sort of makes me feel like something is here welcoming.
Cheers I hope this helps at least one person.
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2021.10.18 05:22 ShopShuri "The Promise Of A Worldly Encounter" Genshin Fan Art Contest

The link at the top is my friend's entry for the contest! The prize is an IPad and I really want her to win because we live in a crappy third world country and she really needs an IPad so that she can study better in the midst of this pandemic...she only has a phone to draw digitally too so an IPad would be really useful for her.
Please do vote, one vote from you is a big thank you to us!
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2021.10.18 05:22 shaun-wilson Ancestry have updated their GEDCOM exporter

I've just downloaded my tree and compared the file with an older download, and now I find that they have updated the version. It used to be 5.5, and now it is 5.5.1. There is a VERS tag in the HEAD that indicates this change happened "2021.07" (old was "2010.3").
There is some new info exported in the HEAD too. In particular is a _TREE tag that has the name of the tree, a RUN tag that has what I presume is the tree ID number on ancestry, and an export date and time.
After the HEAD is a new record that begins with 0 @SUBM1@ SUBM, which I can't remember off the top of my head seeing in the gedcom specs.
And the last thing I have noticed is that record ID numbers for people now seem to use the ID number from the ancestry website. So before a person started with 0 @P1@ INDI, and now it is something like 0 @I123456789@ INDI.
I haven't looked any further through the file to see if there are other changes, in particular changes to the data model.
So this is just a heads up, because this might affect imports into other programs, any scripts etc you are running against ancestry gedcom files, etc.
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2021.10.18 05:22 cookingmommee 🎉🎉#NFT DROP ALERT!🎉🎉 u/CollectibleCNFT is dropping free stickers everyday from Oct 18 - Oct 22 @ 4PM UTC/ 12PM EST! Link Below 👇

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2021.10.18 05:22 myviewiftheworld3 iPhone 13, no edits! Angel landing at zion

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2021.10.18 05:22 Vicros22 What should I focus on in my taxable, VT or VTI?

Hi all,
I'm trying to decide what to focus on in my taxable account with Fidelity, either between VTI or VT. Whatever extra amount I would be saving would go straight here after my Roth, but I'm having a tough time deciding which one is right for me.
Any advice? New to this so anything helps!
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2021.10.18 05:22 oneKaneki Girl on fire

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2021.10.18 05:22 aseofspades001 Dadnotfound rigged the vote, fuck him to the moon and back, copper golem supremacy

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2021.10.18 05:22 reyreyes18 tengo ansiedad o depresión? y tu?

Últimamente me he sentido muy sin sentido, cuando estoy en la calle me la paso a todo dar, pero llego a casa y todo se viene abajo, son puras peleas y problemas y siento que mi casa me jala hacia ella pero no quiero estar aquí aun que no hay otro lugar donde pueda estar, simplemente estando aquí me duele todo y me siento muy triste, antes mi salida era sacar a pasear a mi perro pero eso ahora me estresa, jugar video juegos? Me estresa, quehacer? Me estresa, todo parece ser un problema, a alguien le pasa lo mismo? Algún tip? Algo? Alguien?
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2021.10.18 05:22 HoneyApple79 Are there any more songs where Juice growls/screams like in Animal(unreleased)?

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2021.10.18 05:22 WpgTrap snapchat : saraaaa_42200

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2021.10.18 05:22 Emergency_Tip404 What is your favorite song right now?

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2021.10.18 05:22 Pretend_Sympathy7373 Just another cringe meme I made

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2021.10.18 05:22 ExpensiveDragon_0610 How Low and When do you think the crash some people think is coming, how bad will it be?

So what are you all thinking, me i'm debating getting into crypto next month
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2021.10.18 05:22 amnesiac-bear Just brought home 3.5 month old Ozzy, Prince of Barkness last week

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2021.10.18 05:22 Wamoo57 Lady bug armor not healing bug

For some reason when I equip my lady bug armor it doesn't heal anymore. All three pieces are equipped and none are broken. Any way to fix this?
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