What's Ludosity's record on patches?

Mighty Patch has stronger adhesion so it stays put during the day and while you sleep. It also has greater absorption power than many competitors on the market. Our Duo product allows you to try 6 patches of Original and 6 patches of Invisible+ so you have something for day and night. Apple announced its latest additions to its iPhone lineup, as well as a new iPad mini, at its "California Streaming" event on Tuesday. Both devices will be powered by Apple's new A15 Bionic processor. Modes in Emacs also allow for converting the format of patches and even editing patches interactively. In diff 's early years, common uses included comparing changes in the source of software code and markup for technical documents, verifying program debugging output, comparing filesystem listings and analyzing computer assembly code. From its launch to what’s happening so far in Season Two, we thank you, the community, for joining us for the past year of Warzone. Mar 10, 2021 Warzone™ Mastery: Shipwreck and Zombies Outbreak Event. Season Two for Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone introduces two new points of interest to Verdansk and a limited-time challenge ...

2021.10.18 07:18 JustSand What's Ludosity's record on patches?

I'm considering getting a refund for Nick Brawl if they don't drop the patches soon.
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2021.10.18 07:18 Opposite_Interest844 The canal map is the worst map design ever for heavy tank, every route heavy go is technicaly a trap or too far away, worst that when td using this to track down the team , the central is a death trap

The canal map is the worst map design ever for heavy tank, every route heavy go is technicaly a trap or too far away, worst that when td using this to track down the team , the central is a death trap
Red line is heavy tank routed
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2021.10.18 07:18 CapnFancyPants We bought a "Bee Hotel" made especially for native "Solitary Bees", but woke up this morning to find its been slightly overbooked by a swarm of honeybees.

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2021.10.18 07:18 SmarksRuinTheWWE 7K people went to a Fed houseshow…..DAE they must have awful taste in wrestling

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2021.10.18 07:18 ChickenDragon123 It's Halloween season. So Laird Barron seems appropriate to Review. Or Overview rather.. No Spoilers.

I want to start by saying that I greatly enjoy Mr. Barron's works and have the utmost respect for him as an author, to the point that I'll give anything he writes a shot. Not all of it will work for me but when it does, it sticks the landing and keeps me up at night. Part of that is due to how organic and disturbing the world feels. Nothing feels safe. It's like the literary equivilent of ooze. It's slimy, nasty, nearly impossible to get rid of, and kind of feels disgusting even if it's fun to play with. That said, there are a few things new readers should probably be warned of before jumping in, or else they will be in for a massive culture shock.
Firstly, Mr. Barron's prose can be impressively purple. In to worst cases, it can almost be called obtuse. Generally, the newer his work the less I've found it to be an issue, but it never goes away entirely. Part of this is Genre. I've never read a horror novel that didn't have some purple prose. Poe had it, Stoker had it, Dunsany had it, Lovecraft, and Chambers, and Ligotti, and now Barron have it. It's there, it's real. For some people it may be a deal breaker.
Secondly, pacing can on occasion be a little slow. Again, it tends to be better in his more recent works, but it never quite goes away. This is another thing that's fairly common to the genre.
Thirdly, a common feature of Mr. Barron's work is a kind of non-linear storytelling. He is willing and able to jump between time periods with little to no warning. Similarly he has shown a willingness to jump between first, second and third person within the same collection. This can lead to a disjointed feeling, that while fully intentional and unnerving, can be understandably off putting.
Lastly, everything is connected, Sort of. Mr Barron has made it clear that he writes in two separate universes, each of which bleed into the other. You will see characters from some stories show up in others, but there are a few inconsistencies if you look closely. The leaking, creeping, world that Mr. Barron is creating isn't an epic fantasy. Tone and atmosphere matter a lot more than making sure this side character is where this other story from 2 decades ago is where he's supposed to be.
All that said, I whole-heartedly believe that the result is worth it. When Mr. Barron is on his game, the results are spine-tingling. More than once I've barely resisted the urge to look beneath my bed just to make sure. You know, perfectly normal behavior.
So, let's get to the reviews. My rating system goes from 1 to 10. 3 I consider to be the minimum publishable quality, 5 is average, 7 is some of the best fiction I've read this year, and 10 is a masterpiece that I can't really criticize.
A special note for this review: Horror is even more subjective than most other genres are, in my opinion. What works for me may not work for someone else and vice-versa. This is my list and my preferences are reflected in that.
The Beautiful Thing That Awaits us All. 9/10.
- This I think is Mr. Barron's best book and my recommended starting point. I would go so far as to say, that if you don't like this book, you probably won't like most of Mr. Barron's other offerings. - All of the stories in here are excellent, though a a friend felt one or two were a bit on the stereotypical side. - "Jaws of Saturn" sticks out as being one of his more difficult to parse stories. - "More Dark" has a bit of a reputation in the horror community and my feelings on it are mixed. -My favorite stories from this collection are "The Carrion Gods in their Heaven", "Hand of Glory", and "Men from Porlock".
Occultation 6/10
- This book is better than average, but for every story that I enjoyed there was one that I didn't connect with. This is probably my least favorite of his books. -I feel better about The Forest in hindsight, but the reading of it struggled to maintain my attention. -The best story by far was "Mysterium Tremendum", though I think the audio performance left something to be desired. -"The Lagerstatte", "Strappado", and "the Broadsword", were excellent, but didn't beat out MT. - There was nothing wrong with these stories, but I genuinely didn't like "666" and "Catching Hell". I don't know why. - Audiobook is a bit off to me.

Imago Sequence 7/10
-This was Mr. Barron's first collection, but it doesn't show it. -"Hallucigenia" is a damn Masterpiece. Pick this book up for that story if nothing else. - "Procession of the Black Sloth" is a slow story and drags in places, it's still well worth reading. Though it may seem stereotypical, it isn't going where you thing it is. Cross my heart. - "Imago Sequence" (the story) is one I didn't connect with, but I know several others that it kept up at night. Your mileage may vary. - "Hallucigenia", "Proboscis", "Shiva, Open Your Eye", "Old Virginia", and "Bulldozer" are all well paced, and fascinating.

Swift To Chase ?/10
- I am honestly not sure how to rate this. This is the most recent of Mr. Barrons collections and possibly the worst starting point you could use for getting into his work. - His prose is some of the best he has, but POV and time are played with, twisted, and thoroughly beaten black and blue. - Part of the difficulty is that while each story is a separate whole, it is also the piece to a puzzle in the last story. So multiple POV's in first, second, and third person are all weaved into a kind of twisted mess. - It's great, but messy and I wouldn't recommend starting with this collection.

The Croning 8/10
- In many ways this is the opposite of Swift to Chase. Swift to Chase was a group of short stories chained into something vaguely resembling a novel. This is a novel, written as if it were several short stories. - The 8/10 is dependent on your having read the collections. If you haven't you probably won't think of it as being very good. - This book relies on some of the world building done in Imago Sequence, Occultation, and The Beautiful Thing that Awaits us All. I recommend reading them first, and then coming back and reading this one. - Pacing dips off at times, but the first two and last two chapters are fantastic pieces of horror.

Blood Standard 8/10
- This is the first book in the Isaiah Coleridge series. This particular book has next to no horror elements. Other than The Beautiful Thing that Awaits us All, this is the only other point I would consider starting at. - This is the tightest book in the Coleridge series. At it's strongest moments it's reminiscent of Sam Spade as written by Neil Gaiman, if you lowered your expectations a notch. It's just a little more obvious than Mr. Gaiman tends to write, and the prose is a little more purple than Mr. Gaiman's work tends to be. - The plot is good, but the characters are more clever than the story is, and they can feel a little pretentious in one or two scenes. - Isaiah is one of my favorite characters in fiction. He genuinely reminds me of the Barbarian archetype from D&D but as a kind of warrior poet. It's great.

Black Mountain 6/10
- Second book in the Coleridge Series. - The prose is especially purple in this book and the next one. - This one has B plot that serves as a distraction from the main effort. It didn't tie in at all, and really felt out of place. - That said, the main event is worth reading, and the character work here is really flexing. Isaiah, Meg, and Lionel are fantastic in this book. - You get some mild horror tropes worked in here, but it never commits fully that's saved for the next book.

Worse Angels 7/10
- Third, and as far as I'm aware, last book in the Coleridge series, though I think we are getting a Novella in late 2022 - The prose goes really purple in this one, but the plot tightens up a fair bit from book two. - The horror elements are played way up in this one, for better and worse. The ending is anti-climactic in a way that is still deeply unsettling. It ends with the feeling that Isaiah barely dodged a bullet, and he isn't quite sure how he pulled it off. - I'm not entirely sure how much of the ending is getting a pass considering how familiar I am with the universe, and how much is it actually being as good as I think it is. - This is my review though, and I liked it so it get's an 7. So there.
The Man with No Name 7/10
- This is one of the uncollected Novellas. - Laird Barron switching from Olympia, New York, and Alaska, instead playing with Japanese underworld types and Mythology. - It's good, but there is some really disorienting prose here, which makes it difficult to get a good idea of what's going on in the story. I'm still holding out hope for a sequel.

X's for Eye's 9/10
- Another uncollected Novella. - Dirty Hardy Boys as written by Roger Zelazny, with Lovecraftian elements. What's not to love? - The reason it's not listed as an entry point, is it's not really indicative of the rest of Mr. Barron's work in tone. - It feels very pulpy and fun, in a way that the other books don't. - Great characters, only real criticism is that it's pacing is almost too fast. Still, it's a fantastic novella. - The audiobook came across as kind of monotone.
These are all of the stories that I've read by Laird Barron. There are two more books which have yet eluded me: The Light is the Darkness and The Little Brown Book of Burials (which was limited to a 500 copy limited run and E-book). Everything else has been in a variety of anthologies, but will likely be collected at some point in the future.
Overall, Mr. Barron has done a fantastic job with his work. He maintains a level of inclusivity that I've rarely seen in genre fiction, though given that the genre is horror they rarely see a happy ending. Still it's welcome, and his world is the most carnivorous, wet, and nasty that I've ever seen, while balancing a high brow sensibility.
Laird Barron is one of the authors that rises above genre, and becomes literature. He stands as one of the best horror authors in the business, and I welcome his future efforts.
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2021.10.18 07:18 AutoCrosspostBot If LP10 doesn’t drop or is worse than JIK I will listen to Taylor Swift’s full discography and do a track by track review of every album.

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2021.10.18 07:18 Jamila-PH pasa nyo kase ako kung hende 😏paapbot para makita ni kya kris

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2021.10.18 07:17 ScienceWuv224 Posts

Why can’t I post anything on /infj? I keep trying to post something, but it keeps saying “error occurred”. What do I do?
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2021.10.18 07:17 Gabjnr So I wanted to get Tsubaki but the gave me... This?

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2021.10.18 07:17 _demii_ I just want to play Minecraft but I’m tight on cash

Among the other people I’m going to sound foolish, but I used to play Minecraft as a kid and recently I’ve picked it back up as a interest. I would be willing to exchange some redeemable goodies (DM me for more on that) if you could give me a 27-31 Microsoft gift card or if there is some way to just give me the game (other than selling account) I feel so guilty writing this among the others that need it but I just want to feel that nostalgia again. (Bedrock)
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2021.10.18 07:17 wokolis Nie ma to jak się przyznawać do posiadania lewego zaświadczenia lekarskiego tylko po to by nie zapinać pasów

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2021.10.18 07:17 EironTuring Are the freer countries less corrupt?

I have a question, I have heard a lot from liberals that the more a country is economically free, the less external state intervention is... is it less corrupt, what would be its refutation?
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2021.10.18 07:17 sem785 Stormcast Eternal Vindictors

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2021.10.18 07:17 Temporary_Progress98 to tigres fans

how do you feel about leo fernandez? , he have some criticism for his game with cruz azul yesterday , honestly i mean theyre on 5th place on the table and they have more liguilla posibilities than the last tournament , so in my opinion i know he hasnt been so consistent (part injuries) in this tournament and besides of that he and diente give some fresh air and creativity to the team so i want to see him how he does it in liguilla thats what really matters in this league , also i think this is because people is really hurt for tuca firing so are seeking for someone to get mad . so i want to know your opinions about him and this theme
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2021.10.18 07:17 museumsplendor Who else is sick of being a sheep?

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2021.10.18 07:17 AlphaWolfKane I didn’t think it was possible, but I got Krobus to break his vow of being silent on Friday’s. Our love is that strong! (He’s behind me btw)

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2021.10.18 07:17 Far-Masterpiece3693 love for tea...

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2021.10.18 07:17 The_ACR545 Stan making stuff high pitched, is this normal?

So I am wanting to watch Scrubs on Stan so that I am able to watch it on my phone as I watched it on Hulu but haven't had enough time to watch it on my PC. The thing is when I watch it on Stan the pitch is significantly higher (you can really tell with certain characters) and there isn't anything saying that the Stan version is high pitched.
BTW redirect me to which subreddit to post this in, I couldn't find a subreddit specifically for Stan.
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2021.10.18 07:17 Rayman_JC_ First house I ever made myself, it’s not bad in my humble opinion (but the world where I built it got corrupted and I lost it :( )

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2021.10.18 07:17 liftedup_nsfw Just shout out to the man Octal for being the most awesomest guy ever👍😁

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2021.10.18 07:17 turkishlov Worth a GI and Sig change?

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2021.10.18 07:17 DuleshChandan Watch "राम- रावण के अनसुने रहस्य | SA NEWS CHANNEL" on YouTube

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2021.10.18 07:17 RandomNameRandom1 Dychovy test za volantom na Marihuanu?

Pocul som pribeh, kde chlapa zastavili rano policajti a miesto beznej dychovej skusky zevraj dostal tiez dychovu skusku na THC. Zevraj fajcil den predtym a rano ho stale dokazali namerat. Pocul niekto o takom niecom? Ja osobne som sa s tym nikdy nestretol a rad by som vedel ako su tie pristroje citlive, ze po akom dlhom case dokazu namerat
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2021.10.18 07:17 Obewyn How marsh grass protects shorelines | MIT News

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2021.10.18 07:17 Messiket First time viewer

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