Azelf add 8968 9519 8037

2021.09.23 01:16 megafan999 Azelf add 8968 9519 8037

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2021.09.23 01:16 lss_bvt_ios_01 LssTest-ImagePost-89470

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2021.09.23 01:16 Careless_Estimate331 I need wisdom lol

anyone else in first year (chma10) and is dreading this course. Any upper years want to share your experience with chma10 and chma11
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2021.09.23 01:16 No-Height2850 A prefect rainbow, small and compact, at sunset in Hialeah

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2021.09.23 01:16 spookieboiiii [H] Amazon GCS [W] Paypal G&S

80 percent
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2021.09.23 01:16 Scineron222 Cursed toilet

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2021.09.23 01:16 CyphericAcid My minecraft world wont let me join it.

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2021.09.23 01:16 ItsEddie318 2nd Monitor

Just bought a second monitor, both 144hz. Was wondering if I should use my curved or my flat screen for secondary. I know its most likely personal preference but I would like to know some people’s opinions.
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2021.09.23 01:16 ARTCRAFTFUN Have a nice time 😊

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2021.09.23 01:16 Sunshineal Cheap Walmart Add On Delivery Order

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2021.09.23 01:16 ihkcwarrior Why are people saying boruto is gonna break the internet?

It would be awesome if it does but people saying this can come back to bite us in the butt. If it doesn't break the internet everyone is going to get on our ass and it's gonna be bad. Now you got people telling us not to get on social media for 217 if I doesn't "break the internet" personally I don't care imma still love this show no matter what.
How do y'all feel about some fans say it will break the internet? What are you guys thoughts on the subject matter?
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2021.09.23 01:16 queen-ayzee Partners in crime!

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2021.09.23 01:16 YouVision TIME TO SHOW MY TRUE COLORS

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2021.09.23 01:16 SweatyBalls445 Wtf is wrong with goalkeepers????

Literally every game I’ve been in the keepers had a match rating of at least +8.0 with like minimum 8 saves do they not do any gameplay testing before releasing the game the keepers are literally superhuman
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2021.09.23 01:16 Andrei22125 Let's see how hated will this be

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2021.09.23 01:16 RalphJameson Can you share some fundamental aha realizations you had that changed you to a winning player?

I quit poker years ago and I want to play again, but I seemed to hit a wall where I couldn’t figure it out or seem to be a winning player… I think I just need a few tweaks to my game and I’d be on my way.
I’m trying to see the game differently than I used to, and play making long term correct decisions and not being an insane degenerate.
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2021.09.23 01:16 Coolerman_13 Newest walnut board finished up.

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2021.09.23 01:16 tea_wit_da_ice Realizing this now

No matter what I could have done, I would have never been enough for him. He wasn’t looking for love or true connection, he was looking for validation and someone to waste his time with, and I fell for it.
I thought he loved me. I tried to be everything he wanted but I only emotionally killed myself in the process. It’s so gut wrenching to see his true colors through his actions in the aftermath of the breakup. But it’s finally allowing me to see that I wasn’t the problem like I once believed I was. It’s heartbreaking to be discarded like trash, but still manipulated into believing in the best of them. It’s a disgusting feeling, and I feel foolish and pathetic.
I’m so done. I’m sorry if this isn’t the right sub to post this in, it’s less about NC and more about just heartbreak in general, but i’ve been active here the most and just need some support.
Why am i wasting so much energy on someone who doesn’t deserve my love? I’m done trying to prove my value, i’m done second guessing my value. Someday I’ll find someone who loves me for me.
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2021.09.23 01:16 SafiyahOrr 🐕 FAIRLAUNCH SOON 🐕 | $ DOGEBNB | Missed out on Tiki, Astrokitties & SPHINX? This is your chance! | +2000TG members 💰

💲 Welcome to DogeBNB 💲 DogeBNB public fairlaunch will be on the 23th of September 5.30 PM UTC on PancakeSwap
Our links :
🌐 Website : dogebnb-token. space/
💬 Telegram : t. me/dogeBNB_Token
What is DogeBNB?
$ DOGEBNB is an automatic BNB reflection token! Let’s go big, let’s go rich! Dashboard & website will be available directly on the website. Completely stealth launched token, from ground to the moon! Don’t worry about the whales because there is a maximum 1.5% total supply hold per wallet address at start.
Treasury of the Doge Family : the doge family has created a treasury that is set to grow into a digital bank, the more $ DogeBNB you hodl, the more rewards you earn in BNB.
DogeBNB Token is also coming up with a Surprise Game that the community would love to play and win huge rewards. More details on the game and BNB rewards coming soon.
Till then, let's grow the community to the biggest community dedicated to a Financial System meant for the Doge & Meme Community.
DogeBNB token is a new BSC project with enormous ambitions, aiming to solve some of the problems of today’s cryptos world. Specifically focused on low market cap projects. We are fully committed to address issues that can make new coins fail after the initial outburst by avoiding big wallets and bot sniping.
In order to take this as far as possible, we will build a strong and constantly growing community, in which TRUE holders are going to get BIG rewards periodically in a very innovative way 🥇
Along the road the team will give fresh incentives to hold, keeping community well informed thus maintaining investor’s trust. Basically, you can think of this project as a sort of fundraising which repays investors constantly each step towards the final objective.
Some features such as redistribution structure and special airdrops will be announced after the launch and we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed
Fly with us, let’s create something big together.
More Information :
💲 Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000
🥇 Their redistribution works on BNB. Every buy/sell redistributes 4%
of BNB generated in the transaction to token hodlers.
❌ No team wallets
⚡️ We are closing deals and partnerships with a whole lineup of influencers on Tiktok, Instagram and Youtubers
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2021.09.23 01:16 thelastchickentendie Lady in white

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2021.09.23 01:16 BigHadolfItler Packed Upamecano and his price range is only 15k. Should I sell now or will they raise it?

View Poll
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2021.09.23 01:16 MoJohnsonPlease Wait Until She Realizes Who's In Charge

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2021.09.23 01:16 FlyingKitsune I don't know why I made this

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2021.09.23 01:16 liferecoveryproject This tiktok sums up so of y’all’s profiles *so* well

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2021.09.23 01:16 gunsagar Run Nioh 2 on Low end pc

Do you think I can run the game?
Cpu: i5 4690k Gpu: gtx 960 4gb Ram: 8gb Storage: HDD
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