Cosse sobre auditoría de Antel: “forma parte de una campaña en la que están destrozando” el ente

2021.09.23 02:30 Zomaly Cosse sobre auditoría de Antel: “forma parte de una campaña en la que están destrozando” el ente

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2021.09.23 02:30 ACaribCutlass What a lucky day

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2021.09.23 02:30 Immarypopinsyall Body press wrestling magazine from 1967

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2021.09.23 02:30 Hot_Truth_362 Is suffocation a painful way to die?

Four 17 year olds went to Denny's. On the way back, the victim was in the backseat, and the killer jumped on him and got him into a reverse figure four headscissor (some obscure MMA move). The killer sat on the victim's chest, facing away from the victim, wrapping his legs around the victim's neck. He locked his legs and squeezed, this caused the victim's face to be forced into his butt, and the killer planned to kill him, so he didn't let up. The victim died from asphyxiation and he had bruises on his neck.
Would this have been a painful way to die? Or would it have felt like falling asleep?
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2021.09.23 02:30 socialistmajority Moderna, Pfizer Resist Sharing Vaccine Technology and Formulas as Millions of Lives Hang in the Balance

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2021.09.23 02:30 Apex-Bait Nothin like gettin down to the last 2 squads in a plat game and getting squad wiped by 1 octane lagging all over the place.

Kids got Ass internet but pulls out the dub bcuz hes skipping across our screens like his passive ability is instant Transmission and all we could do was unload on him
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2021.09.23 02:30 Zone_new776 Qui pour rp Camille lv vite vous faite Camille

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2021.09.23 02:30 BroIBeliveAtYou Welcome to Target and r/Target -- Holiday Season 2021

Here is the "megathread" to serve as the primary landing page for everyone who will find their way to the target community for the final three months of the year -- by far the busiest months for those of us working in the service industry.

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Future Employee FAQ: This page answers the most common questions for those who do not work at Target but are seeking employment there.
Guide for Store Roles: If you seeking employment and wondering "What is it like to be a __(job title)__ at Target?" or "What does a __(job title)___ do?", this is the page for you.
"What are your tips or advice for a new Target team member?" This FAQ gets asked a bit more than the rest. This post was "stickied" to the top of the subreddit for five days.
Subreddit Overview In order to post, the target subreddit does use a small karma requirement. In order to post on the subreddit without moderator's explicit approval, one's account must be at least 24 hours old with 3 post karma and 3 comment karma. (What is karma?)
Also, in order to comment, one must have above negative 5 comment karma. So, a brand new account that's only hours old and zero comment history can comment. However, an account that has a net negative score of -5 or below will have their comments automatically removed before anyone can see them.
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\**This post will be added to**\**
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2021.09.23 02:30 chelada99 Putting in my notice tomorrow!

Going to put my notice in tomorrow for my insurance call center job which I hate. I’ve been here 3 and a half years and I’m done. I realized quitting without another job lined isn’t the end of the world when you have a spouse who also works. Putting my mental health first for the first time. I never thought I’d do this without another job lined up but here we are.
I’m taking a couple weeks to recover from the verbal abuse from customers and micromanaging and then looking for something where I’m not literally nauseous every single day before my shift.
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2021.09.23 02:30 Squish_Baby Has anyone seen the Halloween squishmallows in Canada yet?

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2021.09.23 02:30 thereyarrfiver To me there is no difference

Between the people whining about the servers, and the people whining about the people whining about servers. For that matter, whining about that whining is also the same.
Conclusion: carry on, gentlemen
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2021.09.23 02:30 buytheskoal F§CK me right?!?

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2021.09.23 02:30 NaomiEliza Baby hat! (USA Quarter for scale)

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2021.09.23 02:30 thekingofexodus Gotta love that fucking up an email can cost you all your progression in Warzone 😂

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2021.09.23 02:30 violegrace23 Debate over Baam's power ups. Logical or Illogical ? Is irregular the only explanation ?

There are different ways to look at this topic.

  1. Hating or debating with people who thinks that baam's powerups doesn't makes sense is foolish. Because they are right, no way in the right world that power up is logical.
Also, one can't say the word irregular every time to explain this actions.
2) It also means just because this doesn't make any sense its wrong or not a proper way the story is going.
But all this debate only makes SIU's point or what i believe SIU was trying to make us understand.
If we look at baam like a regular or an irregular, there wont be any solution for that perspective. First of all Baam isn't the guy who people think of him. 25th baam, Viole grace or any relation to the tower was dead at the time Jahad killed that child. He can call himself 7th baam or 13th baam it doesn't matter. Its just the day he was born. As Garam said he isn't the son of Arlene. That kid was killed by the time he was born.
But he is the child of prophecy. A child who was bring back to life by the outside god. But as Rachael mentioned, Arlene called him a monster.. So even his own mother didn't accept him. We don't know the reason but one thing is sure, his own mother who was an irregular who could have been praised as a god like FHs.. She called a kid ''monster''. Irregular calling someone else a monster is not a common occurrence.

**********Him being an Irregular and Views of other Irregulars when they met Baam.**********

Currently there are 3 irregular's who can be considered strongest among irregulars. Enryu , Jahad and Urek. (as SIU said in blog post it was mistake introducing phanta in TOG... Axis and shit wasn't supposed to be part of TOG, Its for TUS.

Its not his reaction but what he said to his data self..
''Since that day when i began to see all causes and effects from the same height as god. I found out how to play around with fate'' '' you don't know what that boy is. Of course, I don't fully understand either. When you find out the truth you may regret your actions today.''
So he is an irregular. He is from the outside. He is the king of the tower. He can see and play with fate. Jahad is not less than a god. He killed the child of the women he once loved. Still he fucking don't know who fuck baam is. Even one of the strongest irregular Jahad don't understand what Baam is.
Even Urek was surprised and noticed something was wrong when he felt Red thryssas presence coming out of Baam. We know Urek is Urek .There is no weird shit in the tower which Urek hasn't experienced yet. Zygaenas stomach, lost inside the dead administrators veins, Playing video games in Data world, Roaming inside a random forest and later founding wolhaiksong there, Drinking with Family head...This guy have experienced every fucking weird shit and yet he was surprised seeing red thryssas presence inside baam and baam being sane and not getting corrupted. Later he warns baam not to lose himself.

What my point is Baams existence cant be explained even among irregulars .

****************************EXPLANATION ON POWER UPS ************************

In the tower, every one considers themselves as a god, but are they ? Why is this relevant to baams power up will be cleared after this point.
Are slayers the gods ? . Slayers like White and Karaka who ran the fuck saving their ass when they saw Urek and Gustang. Or Luslec who was waiting for his masters child for taking his revenge cause he knows he cant defeat Jahad. Nope.
So are the Family heads and Jahad the gods ?. Family heads and Jahad who went to Administrators for immortality contract. One of them ( Hendo Lok Bloodmadder ) went as far as giving his children's lives for his immortality . They see themselves as higher being among the rest of the people. And yet they are scared of death. Jahad plays with fate, still went to make a contract in which regular inside the tower cant kill him.
I don't know who V was and his full story, but i already love him cause he at least had the courage to face death rather that hiding inside the tower to be alive forever. Urek and V are the only irregulars i think are great among this bunch of narcissist and cowards.
So are Administrators the gods ?. Administrator who was killed by the outside gods messenger. A fucking messenger but not the god himself. The fuck who knows if outside god himself came inside the tower. Administrators when killed was living like a bug and needed a host to survive as a stronger being. They may be powerful or the strongest but nothing close to god.
So outside god is the real god ? If he was a real god why would Arlene call gods creation ''Baam'' a Monster. Rachael said that Baam was a monster who will devour the tower . The fucking tower ? not administrators or Family heads, Jahad but the fucking tower. We don't know that part yet. But sure its something that even god should fear.
Still we know that outside god is at the top of the food chain.
My point is the way Baams character is designed and his part in the story is supposed to be that way. The way every one doubts that it doesn't make any sense, its illogical, its going too fast and shit...We humans have been taught that we have to work hard for everything and if work hard enough if can achieve anything. And that is true , that's what logical human reasoning is. Logical thing is for him to train under evankhell and training like naruto under a water fall to master rasen shuriken. Thats makes sense right.
But name of series itself is ''Tower of God''. God, Divinity, Fate, Destiny, Miracle, Messiah is used in the series many times. IF we study this things. These are the things which cannot be explained by human intellect or understood by a human brain. Baam is been compared to A gods work or A living miracle which cannot be explained. Things which human eyes can see and say either two things 1) its rubbish, it doesn't make any sense or 2) start praying that thing. People can either accept them or criticize them.

Suppose if were living in the tower so people who don't like Baams powerups are regulars who don't know what fucking thing is going around that boy. There is no explanation behind it. Especially not a irregular. This people are right. That's not logical.
And that's how Rachael's character is designed. How the fuck can a helpless boy trapped inside a cave can do these things. Destiny, Power and Peoples attention and Respect. He gets everything. Rachael wants those things but she cant have those things. No matter how hard she trains can she fight and kill Jahad ? Suppose Even if she can use thorns can she use those the way Enryu and baam are using. If that thorn could be used so casually why didn't other FHs or Gustang used it. They can even have the power to kill the administrator who gave them immortality. That thorn could only be used by these two Enryu and Baam who are connected to Outside God.
Now think not even Rachael but can anyone devour two administrators power, 1 billion souls, black march which is also one of the fragment of key to open the last floor. And still stand and say its nothing.
His characters defies normal expectation and reasoning . In the tower, People with power thinks themselves as superior or as god themselves.
Starts with being a chosen regular in the whole fucking tower and You know its fucking big.
Regulars have their hierarchy. D rank or A rank shit . The stronger one dominates the weak and takes pride in their victory. Baam destroys that by defeating any regular no matter what rank they are.
Rankers . A few of them who are able to climb the tower to the top . This fuckers call people below them by their ranks As 'Regulars' . To Keep reminding them what is there place is in the Hierarchy . Baam fucks that hierarchy like no-one ever did.
He is going to defeat High Rankers, Family Heads, Jahad and crush their pride along with it .And it will happen when we don't even expect that coming. That's what his character defines.
He doesn't need to kill the administrator to prove the point . Enryu did it for him.
Tower is govern by the jungle rules and Everyone consider themselves as gods in front of weaker ones. Regulars , Rankers , Highrankers , Family heads, Jahad, Administrators. If one achieves a level of power greater than another then they think themselves as powerful existence.. Suddenly a boy appears who have everything this people desires .Baam can break every fucking rule in this story. Even Training and shit cant stop him. Those are things that human ways to get stronger.
Baam have the power to devour everything. Fuck!!! Do you get what it means all he need to do is devour and use that power. He can get stronger just by devouring. We don't need to discuss what is inside that kids body right now. But for that insane power to work. He have to accept those powers by leaving his human part behind. Devouring those powers like a monster without any griefs and regrets.
He is a monster put inside a Jungle of animals. You can call him a god or a monster. Sooner or later they will make a religion out of him.
SIUs is using words like Messiah, Miracle, Destiny and Fate to show the difference. He is a genius. We just need to be patient and read his work. That guy took 11 years to write 45% of the story. This was the first time he was physically not able to continue his work. But do you think, In this 11 years there were only physical challenge like this hiatus for him to write TOG. There might have been problems bigger than this hiatus. Mental and psychological issue . And yet must have kept writing and we wont know in this fucking life what he had been through all those 11 years and coming 9-10 years. If He was not patient then there would not be TOG after 2nd season.. that shit dragged a lot. Hiatus and shit are doing nothing to his stories and his work.
He is a writer or we can call an artist.. And for an artist or a writer his work is everything. Even after death his name would be remembered by his work. That's why they use every fucking brain cell they have in their brain in their work.
Its not a fucking comic book. Where you are comparing power levels and shit, regular or irregular. Explanation on authors works on power level management.
Fact is SIU is Majored in Arts education. So please start using your adult brain as well and think his work as Philosophical, Psychological, Dark Fantasy type. Stop using your childish brain and think of it as manga, manhwa or comic book were you are not satisfied with the power levels.
If you don't get the part maybe you should wait and see it through different perspective. Maybe you were not wrong about the his power ups. You just need to reread it until it makes sense in writers perspective. SIU is writing the story at perfect speed as it should be.
Irregular is just a part of explanation behind Baams powerups But main part is what that character ''Baam'' represent. A Monster or A God showing people of the tower there place. People who have left their humanity behind to dominate and stand on weaker ones. People with power thinking themselves as gods and invincible. They have trained , sacrificed everything, killed many people just so they get to sit and dominate someone else. Enjoying power, pride, money, respect. But in front of baam they are nothing. All their work means shit in front of him. Irregular with a thorn which killed a administrator but still his true powers are yet to revealed. This changes and miracles can be explained as a work of A god or A monster. Which cant be explained because that's the whole point of it .
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2021.09.23 02:30 Banana1720 A less frills warlock. But my ghost is always on island time no matter where we go.

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2021.09.23 02:30 uaskmebefore 习近平做姿态 在联大承诺不新建海外煤电厂 根本没提起始时间

习近平做姿态 在联大承诺不新建海外煤电厂 根本没提起始时间 中国延长煤电时代,新工程逆势上马
目前,中国的能源消费有一半以上的来源是煤炭。全国总发电量中,68%来自于火电。 2020年,中国新核准煤电装机容量约占“十三五”期间核准总量的32%。
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2021.09.23 02:30 My_name_is_Bot Megadeth, Lamb of God, Trivium & Hatebreed live at Jones Beach (photos) - Next Mosh

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2021.09.23 02:30 homerenov What's the cheapest small tablet (<8") that's compatible with the Google Play store?

What I'm looking for is pretty straightforward - the cheapest small tablet that's compatible with the Google Play store. Storage, battery life, weight, etc. are all secondary. The only thing that matters is that it's relatively small, cheap (less than $100, ideally less than $75), and compatible with the Google Play store.
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