2021.09.23 02:18 ZoobBot 174837

This is the 174837th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.09.23 02:18 stevienicksisgod How many law schools are you applying to?

Trying to get an idea about if i should cut my list down.
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2021.09.23 02:18 Kronos572 Required mods

I’ve had to completely delete and reinstall my game on PC due to game crashes and now need to reinstall my mods. The first thing I want to do is put the mods on that are essential such as SKSE64, USSEP, etc. Are there any other mods that I need that are essential to help the game run better with mods?
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2021.09.23 02:18 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 02:18 sleepyquartz picked up these two from shoppers in BC, canada!

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2021.09.23 02:18 beerandburgersbro CMV: it’s not racist to have prefences

It stupid that you can’t say certain groups of people are unattractive without being called a racist.
I don’t find black people, Asians, Indians or dark skinned Hispanics attractive.
I think light skinned Hispanics with European facial features and dark hair and eyes (like me) are very very attractive, IMO most attractive in the world, but not the dark Aztec looking ones. IMO they are ugly. I also don’t find dark skin attractive at all AT ALL. and I don’t think Asians good looking at all, they just arent.
But when I mention my preferences I get called racist. And it’s dumb. It’s not racist to like what you like.
People should be allowed to speak their mind and say what they like and what they dislike. It doesn’t make you racist. It makes you a normal human being with presences, I won’t go out of my way to treat someone I don’t find attractive in a bad way, but I would also like to avoid them.
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2021.09.23 02:18 LetUsTalkAboutGames Let's Talk About Manhunt

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2021.09.23 02:18 MisterYouAreSoSweet Can Mech Arena be played on Apple TV or Mac Mini? (Natively, not screen shared from ipad/iphone)

And if yes, are the controls kinda wonky? (I hope not)
Thanks in advance
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2021.09.23 02:18 RVideoUploaderYT Published on YouTube: r/DamnThatsInteresting | A Transparent cake..

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2021.09.23 02:18 Charles_YeahYeah Skydiving

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2021.09.23 02:18 thephantompeen I've been playing an umbrella for 30 years? Why didn't anybody tell me?

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2021.09.23 02:18 Salty_Dragonfruit72 A red balloon waiting...

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2021.09.23 02:18 Flappabill Jihyo [2018-07-24] MBC Show! Music Core

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2021.09.23 02:18 Flimsy_Pomegranate79 Spotting scope bag

Does anyone know of a multicam spotting scope bag or case for an angled scope? I can't find anything.
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2021.09.23 02:18 MitchellMarquez42 Ffmpeg just made me feel useful at my job!

(was going to title this something more clickbaity, but that would be a lie and I'm too happy to lie right now)
I work for a lawyer's office manager, sorting evidence (technically "discovery" since it's not evidence till the hearing) and answering phone calls and stuff. It's essentially the chillest computer-related job you could have-- unzipping folders, printing and sorting PDFs, burning CDs-- punctuated by moments of pure terror when a client calls. They're all guilty, they're never going to change, and they tend to all be pretty demanding. "I want to sue the cops who arrested me! I want to sue the public defender who didn't show up to my preliminary hearing! I'm going on a trip out of state this weekend so I need to get this alcohol monitoring suspended now!" and so on.
Anyway, today the lawyer had a trial over the phone (because y'know) and an hour before, he said-yelled to the office manager (whom I work for) something like, "get me this client's video, but chopped up". The manager said, "I can't, I had a program on here that was free but the trial license expired and all the ones on Google are shit. I'm gonna have to buy another one later."
I didn't say anything because I respect the man and also can't afford to piss him off. I just went to the work pc (running win10), used scoop to install ffmpeg, opened powershell, took my phone out, Brave-searched "ffmpeg cut video between timestamps", clicked the first stackoverflow result, and tested it out on a backup of a random client's arrest video. After a little bit of argument tweaking it worked perfectly.
> 15 minutes before hearing
> don't know which part of the video lawyer wants
> start combing through 50 minute video
> chop up some segments at random, kinda worried and glad I didn't say anything
> page appears on printer behind me
> get up to give it to lawyer
> on a whim, ask him what part of the video he needs chopped
> "the beginning to 11:15, that's all"
> run the command
> spits out a video file
> put it on the server and tell manager it's there
> "is it email-able?"
> it's 300 megs and original file was 1.2 gigs
> he Dropbox-es it to the judge one minute before the trial
> Arresting officer is squirming on the phone
> call ends
> I finally check to make sure the video works
> it actually does
> manager asks me what I used
> Tell him "a free program"
> guy starts complaining about free trials and spyware
> "do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Richard Stallman?"
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2021.09.23 02:18 aleagueofmyown Johnny Kidd & The Pirates - Shakin' All Over

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2021.09.23 02:18 binkertee What is this on soil of bird of paradise?

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2021.09.23 02:18 honestgabe2 If anyone that’s about to sign up for Oculus and activate a headset wants a $30 credit, reply with your username and I’ll send a referral. You can email me at gabelawrence4@gmail.com.

If anyone that’s about to sign up for Oculus and activate a headset wants a $30 credit, reply with your username and I’ll send a referral. You can email me at gabelawrence4@gmail.com. submitted by honestgabe2 to oculus [link] [comments]

2021.09.23 02:18 canadian-weed Gasworks, Tegel, Berlin / built circa 1905, closed 1953, replaced by apartments.

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2021.09.23 02:18 Chief_Keevs Brawlers that gain their supers automatically need to go

Darrell, Edgar, and now Buzz
Why is it that the Brawl Stars team releases brawlers with this mechanic and then nerfs the brawler out of viability, it is as if they didn't learn from prior mistakes. At the moment Buzz is the latest entry that shows the over powered nature of this ability. Not only does he gain his super, but is able to chain them and stun the entire enemy team, especially in Brawl Ball.
I understand having the balance between aggro/assassin type brawlers and more passive playing brawlers. This helps separate brawlers into play styles (Poco being a support type and Frank being a tank, etc.) But the mechanic of gaining a super automatically overly rewards passiveness, to what should be an aggro/assassin type brawler, with little to no draw back. This removes the skill ceiling of these brawlers to the point where it is no longer flanking, skillful movement, and aggressiveness that allow them to chain/gain supers and dominate. But instead it's hiding and using supers when it's most optimal. A skill on it own of course, but creates where the outcome is clearly one sided.
It's clear that Brawl Stars does not like this style of play, just take a look at what has happened with Bows totem gadget across the past few balance changes. But yet, Buzz is allowed to roam freely at the same power level as when he was released. Clearly Darrell and Edgar needed to undergo multiple nerfs to get to a good point that rewards skillful play. A brawler that is heading in the right direction of this is Mortis, a clear aggressive type brawler but that doesn't gain it's super from hiding or by receiving damage. But instead with skill and smart plays. He is now rewarded with team kills properly, just imagine if he gained his super automatically.
The conversation I want to start from this post is thinking of ways we improve the game (or even Darrell, Edgar, and Buzz specifically) so that it's skill from the player that makes a brawler strong and not an over powered ability
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2021.09.23 02:18 Complex_Height_3555 Need Help!

How would I go about assigning a list to dictionary values? I want to take all of the numbers in my list and then randomly pair them with dictionary values
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2021.09.23 02:18 onwho69 paladin build

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2021.09.23 02:18 CUT-11B Obsessing over trophies/achievements.

Yes, I want em too.
They'll fix it.
What's the rush? Are you that eager to platinum the game so you can move on to the not-enough-content horde?
Considering most people can't even play, I'd hope fixing a bug that prevents players from earning something that has zero value besides quelling some peoples OCD would be low on their list of priorities.
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2021.09.23 02:18 jhcghdh8 Those of you living up north - is anything telling you winter will be earlier or worse than normal?

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2021.09.23 02:18 mamarascal Remove mothball smell from wood

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