What do you call your parents

2021.09.23 00:42 MBSfangirl11 What do you call your parents

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2021.09.23 00:42 hornet51 Hymn of the Ghenghis-pilots

Cold: the coolant overflowing Hot: the soil we' treading on Flush to keep the core from blowing Sear the squishies holding on!
This: the song of hardened pilots Heat: the heart of Ghenghis Mark' Cleaning filth to build the future Burning, lighting, melting till we fall.
And we all burn And we all a'serve Together, Together.
Through the hot mist Till we're lightless Together, Together.
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2021.09.23 00:42 SwartyNine2691 Seed -1000 on Bedrock beta (experimental)

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2021.09.23 00:42 AckieFriend I met Andy Vass at Euro Lambretta in Avignon, I think. Nice chap.

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2021.09.23 00:42 Imperioclose GRUPO TELEGRAM

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2021.09.23 00:42 nateowaggins Should I be selling trinkets I don't use?

New player here (sub 20 hours) if the title wasn't obvious. I'm having a bit of a money issue where I notice my funds just slowly dwindling. I check my trinkets for something I can sell, but I'm not sure if any of them are any good, and I'm afraid to sell them in case they could come in handy later. At the same time I'm scared to use most of them because almost all of them come with a negative bonus as well like -1 speed or something.
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2021.09.23 00:42 mlooney159 Any Suggestions??

Does anyone know of any good places to hunt on the Leaf River in Mississippi? Thanks in advance.
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2021.09.23 00:42 ExistingHug Why are you a lame person?

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2021.09.23 00:42 m1stcloud for bo’s fans that aren’t native english speakers

please watch inside (or any other special tbh, i’m assuming it’s the same) with captions of your first language on, it’s hilarious i promise, ive been literally crying of laughter the translations aren’t wrong at all but theres just something about the expressions used that makes me laugh so hard! hope this isn’t just a me/my language thing tho, that’d be sorta awkward
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2021.09.23 00:42 Panzerg69 Does newegg have free worldwide shipping?

I have a pc rhwt is very good on newegg and i want to know if it has free worldwide shipping? (I live in Croatia)
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2021.09.23 00:42 jeells102 Advice for a Bi Male perpetually single

I’m a CIS male (28) who has known I’m Bi basically since I was 15/16. I’ve had relationships with cis girls and only had one proper relationship with a cis guy.
My last relationship was with a girl and it kinda ended badly but I’m glad it ended. It ended about 4 years and ever since then, I’ve been lonely and alone.
In recent years when trying to settle down and find a serious relationship the biphobia comes out. “I don’t want to date someone that likes the other sex” or if it’s a man I’m seeing, I’m either “not their type” or they only want fun.
I’ve ended up moving in with a gay couple who is in an open relationship and whilst we sometimes have sex and get on well, it’s not what I want. I’m constantly reminded everywhere I go and look that I’m alone, and I don’t have that partner in crime. I see relationships everywhere I look and see how happy people are and how they are loved.
No matter what I do, who I meet, and who I speak with, I’m always the “friend” or “brother” type and I never have that feeling of someone wanting me romantically.
I know I have a lot of love to give, and it hurts me that everyday I go on, knowing I’m alone in this world and not being able to see myself with anyone.
Suffering from anxiety, depression and PTSD from abuse doesn’t help, but how am I meant to keep going when i live with a couple who have a strange relationship where it feels like I deal with the emotional stuff for them (one is cis male gay and the other is non-binary) and they do support me and there is a connection but not enough for anything more than casual.
Im stuck in a loop right now and I want to feel loved, for 100% of who I am, and I want to love someone, for 100% of who they are.
Any advice is appreciated and thanks for letting me rant.
Tl;DR - I’m lonely, alone, apart of a weird dynamic in my household and I’m struggling to keep going. Help.
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2021.09.23 00:42 starbug169 Falmouth Nurse Stokes Anger Towards Unvaccinated By Making Up Story About 9 Kids Watching Their Parents Die From COVID In Her ICU

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2021.09.23 00:42 RipVanWinter Gap Band - Early in the Morning

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2021.09.23 00:42 Ichica_haru1 Art i drew for a friend

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2021.09.23 00:42 Glutenfreehom0 Need help for SMAPI

My SMAPI mod manager was working perfect yesterday but today when I launch through the program, the terminal window which shows to text and coding before launch isn't popping up at all and my mods are no longer appearing in game. The mods list is refreshed with no errors it's just the terminal window won't show. I even tried deleting all mod files to see if one of them might be the issue but still no window. Does anyone know how or why? Thank youuuu 🥺🥺🥺🥺
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2021.09.23 00:42 PSE3N he has such a big hat

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2021.09.23 00:42 AdVisual617 Political issues based on beliefs

How are peoples beliefs and values connected to their positions on political issues?
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2021.09.23 00:42 mayrain68 Oh sweet lord, the comments

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2021.09.23 00:42 Hider19 27/M/UK Looking for someone to talk to regularly

I don't think there's any better feeling than the excitement when you see you have a new message from someone you care about.
I think I'm a pretty decent guy, at least I try to be. I have all the standard interests - movies, books, gaming, sports so I think I'm quite a good conversationalist as well. But I'm also very very lonely. If you feel like chatting, just DM me or Reddit chat. 24+ please. Thanks
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2021.09.23 00:42 Johnnyorbit @lizzycorfield.x

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2021.09.23 00:42 Routine-Breakfast-34 ISP in rural area east

Hi everyone,
I've been looking through the subbreddit and seems like anything outside of Ottawa is really limited with Xplorenet (which seems to be a chaotic company) or Bell (depending on the area).
I was wondering for anyone outside of Rockland such Bourget and Hammond how is the internet? I'm interested in moving to Bourget but possibly Hammond. However I'm not sure how much download and upload is available in these areas. It seems like it could be lower than 20 mbps download and less than 5 mpbs upload
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2021.09.23 00:42 spicycrackedpepper DJ recommendations for Christmas Party?

Hey g’day
I’m on the hunt for a DJ for my work Christmas party that’ll be in a function space in the Valley. We’re health workers & scientists mostly, age range around 20s-60s. Hoping for someone who can keep the crowd happy and take song suggestions. Any recs?
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2021.09.23 00:42 avioletfluid Wildflower mix, zone 9b. What are these 2 plants?

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2021.09.23 00:42 UselessUniversity Songs to play at a hospital while disconnecting all of the machines

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2021.09.23 00:42 TradeXorXdie LITE.C Colorado Hemp Manufacturer Becomes National Reseller of SpotLite360 SaaS Platform

Based in Aurora, Colorado, Apollo is a long-established player in the hemp industry with a network of more than 200 contract farmers and greenhouses who produce hemp flower and biomass, from which Apollo produces distillate oils and isolate powder.
While I'm not overly bullish on LITE.C I am bullish on TKX.V as they have licensed LITE.C their technology so every contract LITE gets is more money for TKX.V Why buy LITE when you can buy TKX especially after TKX.V recently locked in massive validation from Polaris.
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