Free straw bales

2021.09.23 01:35 420fortnut420 Free straw bales

For anyone interested in some fall decorations, we have 200 bales of straw for free at 608 Waldron Street. First come first serve, take as many as you want!
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2021.09.23 01:35 ComputronsLab The original bonsai tree #10281 seemed too big to fit nicely in a Ninjago City display, so I'm shrinking it down.

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2021.09.23 01:35 Twili95 I have made my Discord server for obsessive MBTI discussion. Comment if you're interested (including sexual discussion but you don't have to use that channel if you don't want)

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2021.09.23 01:35 echo-controller I have been struggling with how to properly bathe this behemoth - tonight I rigged up a hanging drip tray. I’m not sure how secure it is…any advice is welcome!

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2021.09.23 01:35 AdEast2429 Friendship Issues

So i'm a 15 y.o guy who's actually dealing with socializing difficulties , which means I don't have many friends with whom to be and probably not the perfect ones , their way of thinking is far from acceptable for me and sometimes I even don't get along with them
The thing that makes me feel uncomfortable is when they start making offensive jokes about each other and don't wanna get involved to not blaspheme or anyone of them . I've always been the Switzerland between them (neutral)
But sometimes it really annoys me when the stupid jokes turn out on me and still quiet without answering back lest I make the one concerned offended
I decided to go on today but he ended up getting mad .... So if anyone of you has already been in this kind of situation , please suggest me some solutions , even for upgrading my social plan
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2021.09.23 01:35 Highwayrob why does hearthstone game mode always default to standard after every update?

I play exclusively in Wild game mode. 99% in ranked. After every single update, the game mode defaults back to "Standard" mode.
I don;t get why they remember my decks, my card back, my preferred toons, my audio level settings, my screen size settings, but it can't remember my game mode setting?
Very annoying.
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2021.09.23 01:35 Jimbussss Start/sit at Flex? 1PPR

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2021.09.23 01:35 IGHZER UKSinister AKIRA WAV MIDI

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2021.09.23 01:35 SacreligiousBoii Cyan Canadians when???

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2021.09.23 01:35 HungBBC911 Can’t do this anymore

Idk what to do. I feel like with the 18 years I’ve been on this earth, there’s been something more to me than I’ve actually realized. It had always come up in one way or another, but I’ve always kicked it to the curb. Only recently have I come to terms with my sexuality. I know for a fact I’m not completely 100% straight. I might be bi, or fucking completely bi, but it’s something about this feeling. I see gay couples online and I feel this euphoric feeling, almost as if I’m free. I have a girlfriend and I love her, but sometimes it eats me alive when I hide this. I just want someone to talk to, idk if I can keep up this front. First off, I’ve always had as a kid dated girls, but on online games where you can date both genders, I’d tend to date boys too (games like movie star planet) as a 11 year old, I don’t pay much attention to this, but as I get older I find myself diving into parts of myself I’d never thought I’d find, and finally fall upon my sexuality. I’ve always wanted to love a boy, but the shame and taboo that comes with it makes it so hard to. If anyone can give me advice that’ll be great.
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2021.09.23 01:35 Dry-Abrocoma3187 Banjo-Kazooie Remastered | GOBI'S VALLEY

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2021.09.23 01:35 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert ACCIDENT (PRIVATE PROPERTY) 10973 SUMMERLIN CENTRE DR 9/22/2021 4:12:51 PM incident #LLV210900095041
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2021.09.23 01:35 svanapps r/CryptoMarkets - Cinema chain boss says he wants to accept Dogecoin as payment method

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2021.09.23 01:35 Steveelectric907 How is everyone this evening?

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2021.09.23 01:35 CFMTLfan01 [OneSoccer] Miljevic goal! Halifax 1 - [1] Montréal

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2021.09.23 01:35 DARKZEROWOLF1994 Ingeniería electromecánica.

Buenas Gente de Reddit! Despues de estar perdido en la vida sin saber que decision tomar en mi a mis 27 años quiero retomar la universidad, decision que tomo por ya saber que quiero, que no quiero estar estancado, empleos y salarios no tan buenos que a pesar que sé programacion, ingles y algo de Frances no son debidamente pagados porque falta "el papel" entonces me preguntaba si en Panamá es factible estudiar, ingeniería electromecánica o ingeniería industrial ya que las veo muy curiosos e interesantes pero de eso no viviria bien, ya que no quisiera de repente tomar este salto tan grande en mi vida y estar en el cuadrante 1
De todo corazon agradecería sus opiniones y si hay de personas que estan estudiando y/o trabajan en esos campos sería increíble leerlos. Un saludo y que tengan buen dia
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2021.09.23 01:35 Not_Your_Real_Ladder Redraft superflex 0.5ppr

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2021.09.23 01:35 paulsilas713 if you know you know !!!!!1

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2021.09.23 01:35 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 01:35 TheDuddyDude My first choker just arrived! I need help tho..

My choker is either so loose that it falls down or it's so tight that my Adam's apple is getting pushed in. Is it normal? I knew it wouldn't be comfortable because of the name, but damn. It really chokes me...
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2021.09.23 01:35 anonymous10982 Longtime lurker, I want to ask my husband to get me started on a beta fish setup for my birthday.

My birthday is in about a month! I would like to get a really beautiful setup. I also love the concept of aquascaping. I am looking for an attractive tank to pitch my request to him with and found a beautiful rimless 14 gallon tank. I want to replace my lamp on my end table with a beta friend. A few questions- do any of you keep live plants for your betas, and if so which kind? Are there any to avoid? I hate the conditions pet stores sell betas in, is there a better way to adopt my beta? Should I look for a baby or get an adult? I am planning to ask for just the tank for my birthday so I can get it cycled and plant stuff in it, then maybe get my beta for Christmas.
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2021.09.23 01:35 Big_Teaching4186 Can someone tell me which team is better for tower

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2021.09.23 01:35 OhNoHeDidnt81 Google Chrome will not open!!!!

So basically, I try to open Google chrome and it won’t open. I don’t know how to fix it. Recently I installed TranslucentTB and Wallpaper Engine but in reality there shouldn’t be any issues?? Also, (yes I have Roblox) but I tried opening that and it wouldn’t work too. When these things are clicked on, they don’t pop up on screen but they go STRAIGHT to the task manager. PLS HELP.
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2021.09.23 01:35 Alpandia Happy September Equinox! ⚖️ Equinox greetings from The Wild Hunt with commentary from the Pagan community on thankfulness.

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2021.09.23 01:35 nicklockwood81 It's-a me! (~250 lines of ShapeScript)

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