Seeking: Cascade Alchemy Bourbon Whiskey. Hey r/bourbon. This whiskey is my future FIL's favorite. I've been trying to find a bottle, but the distillery closed a few years back. Do you have any tips on finding whiskey?

2021.09.23 01:18 ItsMeElis Seeking: Cascade Alchemy Bourbon Whiskey. Hey r/bourbon. This whiskey is my future FIL's favorite. I've been trying to find a bottle, but the distillery closed a few years back. Do you have any tips on finding whiskey?

Seeking: Cascade Alchemy Bourbon Whiskey. Hey bourbon. This whiskey is my future FIL's favorite. I've been trying to find a bottle, but the distillery closed a few years back. Do you have any tips on finding whiskey? submitted by ItsMeElis to bourbon [link] [comments]

2021.09.23 01:18 MikeTheGamingWizard [Request] was going to Taco Bell and got into a car accident could use some help paying for dinner tonight.

Was going to go to Taco Bell yesterday and got into a car accident my car is pretty beat up and insurance is on my ass don’t really know how I’m gonna afford this and collage any help would be appreciated.
picture of my car.
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2021.09.23 01:18 Free-Self7715 32M Los Angeles/Online-Just a typical ordinary Asian, looking for a relaxed and friendly chat.

Good morning/afternoon/evening to all the unfortunate people who happen to click on this article. Now may or may not be the time to consider some of your life choices, these choices cause you to jk at this moment.

Joking aside, like most people my age, pandemics and daily work/life stress have affected me, so I can use friendly chat or distraction (short-term, long-term, any deadline ). Open your heart to talk about anything. Maybe we can share life experiences, and then I can tell you how much I failed.

About me: I am a very ordinary, laid-back, easy-going Asian, born in the United States. Currently, working full-time (and then some) in financial-related work areas. Physically, I am 6 feet tall and slightly slim (170 pounds). Because of covid and my laziness, the physique is good, but not as good as I like, so the people who can keep me motivated will also be good.

In addition, I have been learning chess recently, but still a beginner, so if anyone wants to play a friendly game or want to provide me with any suggestions/skills, we would be very grateful. Oops, I would even take an old chess wiring.

Not really expecting a lot of replies, and no requirements for age or location (although it would be nice to talk to locals) so if something arouses your interest or you are just bored and there are some Netflix recommendations and/or Xbox one Video game recommendations send me a message at any time. In addition, we can discuss our hobbies or interests during the pandemic. Hope to hear from some of you, even if I did not hear from you, I wish you a nice day!
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2021.09.23 01:18 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 01:18 HaXxXoVtotheZ New trending GIF on Giphy

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2021.09.23 01:18 Dumpty_o_Humpty Her horn did pierce the sky

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2021.09.23 01:18 killinemsince93 Unsure what to do…

Me (28F) and my boyfriend (35m) have been together almost two years. Up until a few weeks ago I thought that that I had found my person. Recently, he’s been very distant and cold towards me. He will even ignore a text from me if I say I’m upset about something and won’t respond for days. I told him I felt like he was indifferent to my emotions and he said he was indifferent to stress in our relationship.
In my mind, expressing my feelings is an opportunity to talk through them. He takes it as me trying to fight and then ignores me sometimes for days.
He is closing on a house tomorrow that he said he bought for us, but I’m not sure it’s the best idea to move in with how our relationship is currently.
I love him. But I’m not sure that we should continue a relationship where we can’t communicate effectively without it needed to be a fight. I think our relationship is about to end and I’m not sure how to fix this.
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2021.09.23 01:18 alectric_ Any serious/professional musicians here? How have you managed so far?

I'm a trumpet performance major at a pretty good private university. I just learned that I'm autistic a few months ago, and I think we all know how disruptive that can be to your world view and identity. I'm finally starting to consider how it also impacts my music playing and I feel completely overwhelmed and unequipped to proceed in my career.
Despite being a good musician, I've always seemed to have had issues with things my peers didn't, or struggled with things that other people grew out of. The worst things for me are dexterity-- which is pretty important for a trumpet player--counting rests, performance anxiety, and memorization in my face. I have spent probably a decade at this point frustrated that I keep working on the same things over and over and not seeing progress in those areas. Now, after learning about my ADHD and ASD, everything makes sense-- poor motor function, dyscalculia, hyperawareness of everything but the task at hand.
I've clearly gotten by so far, but it's always been so hard. Not the normal kind of hard that goes into being a professional musician. I feel crazy when people say "Just practice slow!" or "focus while you're counting!" like... I have tried. And tried. And tried. I fractured my wrist last year because when my relentless practicing was still getting me nowhere, I punched a wall. The worst part is that in the music business (at least orchestral music, I can't speak for other disciplines) no one cares. I could (and have) tell people that it's nearly impossible for me to count in mixed meter or sit through 60 measures of rest without getting lost, and every time I would hear, "You won't get a job if you can't count." As if I don't already hate myself for it enough!
I can keep refusing to admit that there are things working against me, or I can accept it and figure out strategies to make music less stressful. If no one else is going to be accommodating, I have to do it for myself. But I don't really know where to start. Has anyone here figured out adaptive methods for practice/performance? So far I've noticed the following issues:
-certain engraving styles make it harder to read the music
-I can play an entire piece without observing any dynamics/articulation because I just don't see them (but I make up for it with my own musical expression)
-I show the difficulty of the music on my face- i.e. my eyebrows raise and I scrunch up and look absolutely RIDICULOUS
-visualization techniques don't work for me because I can't make images in my head
-counting rests where the number of rest is similar to the meter (i.e. 24 bars in 2/4) almost always throws me off
-if I look at the conductor too much I can only focus on the delay between the baton and what I hear and get off time
-if I'm playing something right but someone else is off time or out of tune, I lose all confidence that i'm correct
-no matter how much I practice difficult technical passages, if I'm playing for others I can only think about how hard it is and how I'm going to mess it up- and then I do
There are probably more but I'm hungry and distracted. Basically, I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced the same issues as a result of ASD/ADHD and if you've figured out workarounds.
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2021.09.23 01:18 cyborg011 Some filthy goblins Loudevick @ creve coeur co-op in Montreal, Canada

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2021.09.23 01:18 YouVision TIME TO SHOW MY TRUE COLORS

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2021.09.23 01:18 Money_These *Restock Alert* Marelle (Epi/Black-Detachable pouch)

6:18pm CT Available Now | US site
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2021.09.23 01:18 HamishWarne An alternate angle of Benzema's ball control using his back for his 2nd goal vs Mallorca.

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2021.09.23 01:18 animeruleslol TIFU lost a friend of six years

This is my first Reddit post so I am sorry if I am doing something wrong with my post TIFU I have this friend I will call F and me M so me and F have been best friends for six years so yesterday me and F where hanging out at school (in high school by the way) with our other friends so they stole my stuff as a joke and I got mad cause they always do this so I tried to take it back So then F laughed at me and my anger just blew up (these last to weeks have been a bit mentally exhausting for me) so I yelled at F which I regret and feel very bad about then interested of talking to me she gave me the silent treatment I thought it will be fine she is normally mad for about a day and that's it so today I asked her in a text if it would be fine to move on from yesterday but she left me on read I was and till am distraught even more now. So I sent her a message apologising for yesterday and I don't think she has read it yet on of my other friends sent my a screenshot of her saying we aren't friends anymore and the thing that hurts the most it that even after six years of being friends best friends she can't talk to me I am so sad TL;DR I lost a friend of six years cause I yelled
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2021.09.23 01:18 Alone-Salary-710 What is the worst aspect of your personality?

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2021.09.23 01:18 Tempest_StarCall Liked this photo of me and wanted to chat with some people so two birds with one stone?

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2021.09.23 01:18 Jeepon33s Epic meme.

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2021.09.23 01:18 illmindedjunkie Graffiti [Contax T2, Kodak Portra 400]

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2021.09.23 01:18 Qu_ge T o r k

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2021.09.23 01:18 benjaminear3 Weird blue layer over keyboard letters. Could this be a theme thing, glitch or system setting? Just started happening after I reset my hex installer theme

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2021.09.23 01:18 mew5175_TheSecond Giants - Falcons Week 3 NFL Capsule

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2021.09.23 01:18 1NationUnderDog 💚Love for the Pulsar Rok

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2021.09.23 01:18 Degencarguy Daily Jessica #29 and #30

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2021.09.23 01:18 Tescomealdeal04 Is there full cross-platform progression?

So instead of buying Vanguard I think once it goes on sale at some point, imma rebuy MW2019 on PlayStation, I own it on PC but my pc specs aren’t the greatest (runs 40fps at best on low graphics) and I’d much rather play on console since I’m not absolute trash at console COD like I used to be.
On PC I unlocked at shit ton of things and bought quite a lot of the Blueprints, if I sign in with my account on PS4 that I used on PC will I retain all of the things I unlocked before Blueprints and Battle Pass items included?
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2021.09.23 01:18 donkeyduke Adding 10 starting ASAP. 4093 0314 1197

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2021.09.23 01:18 liveoakenforest For those of you who replaced the iPhone X battery, how did that go and did it help battery life notably?

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