How do you stop your gf from trying to stick things in your ass?

2021.09.23 01:16 noisyturtle How do you stop your gf from trying to stick things in your ass?

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2021.09.23 01:16 Ponyonoso Unbelievable! Piccolo Finally Achieves His Ultimate Form.

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2021.09.23 01:16 funkymyname Inspection of the shareholders list

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2021.09.23 01:16 UrMoma_llama Help, today I downloaded coh1 legacy edition onto my desktop (as I have been playing on a crappy laptop) and it starts with audio, but just a black screen.

It goes through the nvidia whisper and relic mine audio, then menu music, but no display.
I’m on a windows 10 newer desktop
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2021.09.23 01:16 Good_Ad6723 What are some good pieces of music to listen to while reading Tolkien?

I like listening to classical music compilations as well as soundtracks from the movies.
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2021.09.23 01:16 UberMisty82 DoorDash Coupon - 🍟 Get up to $45 CAD ($15 off your first 3 orders) plus free delivery 🍟

Get $15 CAD off first 3 orders ($45 total) and free delivery from restaurants on Doordash
US and Canada only so far.
Copy this link and paste in your browser of choice for the promotion to work. You will see the promotion page. Clicking the link will not work.
If you have previously signed up before, make sure to use a phone number and credit card that has never previously been linked to a DoorDash account.
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2021.09.23 01:16 Youiscool45 I will make hat from you bunny

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2021.09.23 01:16 potato_sack25 This is upsetting...

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2021.09.23 01:16 igloouk New COVID-19 update for Leicester

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2021.09.23 01:16 TZ-Bot312 Tell me about your crushes

Want to hear some sweet(or maybe the painful one?) love stories
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2021.09.23 01:16 zappedin83 Should I open this sealed copy??

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2021.09.23 01:16 Unusual56 Got this today.

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2021.09.23 01:16 OmniShawn Everyone expects the CCP inquisition!

Sources close to the Chinese Government have told Asia Markets a deal that will see China Evergrande restructured into three seperate entities is currently being finalised by the Chinese Communist Party and could be announced within days. State-owned enterprises will underpin the restructure, effectively transforming the property developer into a state-owned enterprise. “The deal is being designed to protect Chinese nationals who have bought apartments from Evergrande, like the ones you see protesting on the streets and also those who have invested in Evergrande’s wealth management products,” the source said. “But the big thing is stemming any widespread economic flow-on effects that insolvency would cause on the China economy.” Talk of a Government-led restructure comes as the Thursday (September 23) deadline looms for a $83.5 million interest payment on a 5-year, USD denominated Evergrande bond. The bond’s initial issue size was around $2 billion. The bond’s covenants have a 30-day period before a missed payment is considered a default. On the same day, Evergrande also has to pay a $35.8 million coupon payment for a Shenzhen-traded 5.8% Sept 2025 bond. The company’s Hengda Real Estate unit has today said it will make that payment, but not word thus far on the USD bond commitments. Another multi-million dollar interest payment on a 7-year USD bond is due the following week. Those exposed to Evergrande’s USD bonds and Evergrande shareholders are likely to be hardest hit by the China Evergrande deal.
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2021.09.23 01:16 RagingGreenBull Why no news? Why radio silence from the management? Some theories

1.) They don't fucking care - which is unlikely coz they make big money if stock goes up
2.) Something is brewing, a buyout may be? I dont know, may be too soon after an IPO. But I may be wrong.
3.) They are disgusted by the market rejection and will let their results speak for itself. They think they don't need to defend or prove anything . All eyes on Q3 then.
4.) They have some ground breaking shit coming, may be video shopping or partnership news. Want to save all the bug news for ideal time. Possible
Let me know your thoughts
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2021.09.23 01:16 Perma_Thaw Moxley is barely an afterthought now.

He isn’t even featured on today’s card. I guarantee you if he was still on the fed he would have something to do. Maybe not main event but a consistent upper mid card slot.
But he wants to be Jeannette so bad. What can ya do.
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2021.09.23 01:16 Confident_Ad6435 r/shit_liberals_say, r/trueshitliberalssay, r/shitliberallsay banned

shit_liberals_say, trueshitliberalssay, shitliberallsay
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2021.09.23 01:16 LastGuardz I think Alfa Romeo should make a car and call it JC in honor of Jeremy Clarkson. He was the man who started my passion for Alfas, and I am sure many people feel the same.

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2021.09.23 01:16 jhnysnz Warehouse Employee - Uniform

What’s up y’all! After getting the boot from Best Buy in January, I’m back again for the holidays and maybe even longer! Been with the company for 7 years before January. New uniform guidelines are dope, I can finally wear black shorts! My question is though;
Where can I get black shirts like the other guys in my warehouse? Some of them have Black Best Buy Adidas shirts and it definitely helps stray away from customer interactions on the sales floor. TIA!
Also, why the fuck can’t we use A-Shape ladders in the warehouse anymore?! Once ship to home season starts our big joes can’t even move in the warehouse thanks to all the crap back there!
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2021.09.23 01:16 thecraftycarver How long after VSG surgery did you try crackers/cookies and baked crunchy stuff?

I’m 35 days post surgery and have had NO issues with food (no dumping, cramping, vomiting or anything like that) and I’m ALWAYS behind on my carb counts (I should be at 60-80 grams a day but rarely get above 45) & I’m wondering when I can slip a few crunchy baked items into my meals to help my numbers go up.
Example: I love chicken salad, but I’d love it a lot more if I could have a few ritz or wheat thin crackers to go with it, or when my husband gets a muffin with his latte and offers me a bite I’d like to know that it’s safe to have a bite. I also make potstickers and egg rolls (from scratch) but always make mine wrapper free and would like to eat the soft or crunchy outsides from time to time but am nervous about creating “paste/dough” In my stomach. I can afford the carbs (& need more of them according to my dietician) but she didn’t mention anything about food choices.
I always make sure to chew everything to death, and as long as there isn’t seeds or anything hard like that- should I be ok at this point (in my 5th week) to add some “carb based crunch” to my meals?
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2021.09.23 01:16 Dabba2087 Temporary bracing of basement walls with wood?

A friend has a house where one of the basement walls is partially collapsed. The goal is not repair, but to keep the remaining parts of the wall from progressing further inward until she can get the situation dealt with.
Looking at the wall, the center is gone and open to the outside, dirt collapsing in. The two remaining ends at the corners are angled inward slightly. I was thinking of getting some large pieces of lumber (like a 4x4) and drilling one end in the wall and the other into the floor to form a diagonal brace.
I have basic power tools to drill the holes and cut the wood, etc. My question is will it make any difference? Or is the added strength from the wood insignificant?
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2021.09.23 01:16 Radical_Larry001 I'm single (m29) and need some advice about talking to girls, specifically initial conversations.

Some context first, I went through 28 years of my life with undiagnosed bipolar 2 disorder. It wasn't severe enough to be entirely destructive, but it caused me a tremendous amount of anxiety in many different situations, especially talking to girls for the first time or asking them out. I finally went for help because my mental health was now interfering in my ability to be self sufficient, and have since began medication, which has had a very positive outcome in that now I barely ever feel anxiety or nervousness. Now talking to anyone about anything feels piss easy.
Now the problem.
I seem to be coming on too strong, or maybe moving too fast. It seems like most of the responses ive been getting have been something along the lines of discomfort or like I have some kind of ill intent. I don't think I'm being mean or aggressive I know how to back off when they say no, if anything I've tried to compliment or find things we have in common and try to share those things. To be clear, I know for a fact I'm not some jerk who thinks he's owed anything, I just want to learn what I'm doing wrong, and fix it.
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2021.09.23 01:16 cycleskunks Have any poker players outed Evander Kane? According to Vegas most of his loses are from poker, and he owes several casinos and high profile players money.

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2021.09.23 01:16 Lucky_kal8228 Shot and edited on iphone.

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2021.09.23 01:16 Velour_Connoisseur Looking for defense help + formation

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2021.09.23 01:16 5evenThirty 2000sqft home with 600sqft Casita in back yard.

The Casita where my mom will be living is only about 15ft away from the main house, and has is own dedicated coaxial cable running to it. What kind of a network setup do you guys recommend. We will be getting 200mb/s service from Xfinity.
Should we buy two modems and two routers and just set up two different networks, or should we just get one modem and extend the service out to the Casita(router, mesh)?
Right now the modem we're looking at is the DOCSIS3.0 Motorola MB7621. Not sure on the router(s) yet.
Thanks for your help!
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