Found it

2021.09.23 02:30 All_of_my_onions Found it

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2021.09.23 02:30 evanhmn Dropping Class Prior to Getting Off Waitlist for Replacement Subject

So I’m waitlisted in both my math and English classes, but am confident I’ll be taken off as I’m only spot #3 in each. My main question is, is it ok to drop my Psych. Class(which will result in me temporarily only being registered for 10 units)? I’m really uninterested in the subject and only chose it to have registered units, but English and Calc. spots are opening up and I feel very sure I’ll get a spot there to replace my Psych credits(and both are a requirement for my Major).
Do I drop Psych., temporarily putting me at 10 units, or simply not attend class until im registered in at least one of the classes I’m waitlisted for? I really don’t wanna waste two hours twice a week in a boring ass class.
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2021.09.23 02:30 cndnlumberjack [Xbox] [h] Goalkeeper TW Phoenix Wings [w] 2k

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2021.09.23 02:30 tooshorttohandle seriously crushing on this guy at work

ok he's more than a "guy at work". We're friends. we hang out, even if at work, quite a lot. we've had serious topic, philosophical, wild dreams discussions, I've cried in front of him, he's shared doubts and revelations with me.
all the while, i've had this fatass crush on him.
i was handling it. seeing it as a motivator to put effort into a friendship that's been amazing as it is.
but recently, he helped me through a really rough situation, and something changed- there's more physical shows of affection, language is easier around each other....
and both of us are in committed relationships.
so yeah.
i want to put some physical distance between us two, not hang out as often, not text as often. i tried it..its been two days, i feel like shit, but it has to be done.
just wanted to vent.
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2021.09.23 02:30 RetroDerp190 Drew up a little Fanart, got hella excited when I saw that BBQ Trailer earlier

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2021.09.23 02:30 My_name_is_Bot How The Eliza Inwood Development Will Be Used: A Breakdown -

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2021.09.23 02:30 _blandrea_ What do you think about this podcast episode?

Hey! I just listened to this episode of The Cut podcast about bisexuality and I’m really curious to hear your thoughts.
Why Do I Feel Weird Saying I’m Bisexual?
Not to spoil anything but… - I really enjoyed the idea that the label bisexual and what it means differs by generation - I liked hearing that in general I’m not the only one confused by this - I expected to be left feeling better about being bi than I did, in the end it feels like I’m even more confused than before
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2021.09.23 02:30 b00m_b00p Java on bedrock

So my boyfriend had a friend help him create a server on Java, for me to join on bedrock. They are not friends anymore but Minecraft did a update and now it shows me “outdated geyser proxy! This server supports the following bedrock versions: 1.17.0/1.17.1/ 1.17.2, 1.17.10/1.17.11” and that’s it. Anyway anyone can do to help..?
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2021.09.23 02:30 The_Gene_Genie They got oh so close

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2021.09.23 02:30 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 02:30 Brucedropemoffburner Wtf is this…

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2021.09.23 02:30 888Kraken888 What do you think about this seed?

Hi all. I was playing around with the Valheim seed generator with the PRIMARY purpose of finding an easy iron seed. Our first playthough kind of fell apart in the swamps looking for iron because we randomly ended up with a hell seed lol. It was brutal.
Anyway I was flashing through some maps without trying to see anything beyond crypts. I really dont want to know where the trader is, or any bosses haha. Dont want to spoil anything. But I'm also looking for a seed with everything relatively close by.
I saw a lot of crypts on this map so I quickly copied the seed, and then closed it out. Unfortunately I saw Yag but thats about it hahaha.
Anyway, does anyone mind taking a look at this seed and seeing if the bosses are relatively close by, and if I'll eventually find the trader haha. Do you think this will be a fun seed to play? Pretty easy? Thanks!
Seed: MpmUSlFFRd
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2021.09.23 02:30 BecentiComposer I'm a lying son of a bitch (among other things)

An older couple walks in the door to get a room and have matching t-shirts with messaging I didn't recognize--sort of a red flag (if its political especially) but more an indication usually that they're just benign oddballs. They seemed nice so off they went to their room. A queue formed and a minute later in walks the couple which really can go either way. They wait patiently then come to window when its their turn.
NotBenignOddballs: We need another room that room smells like smoke. Also do you have a King room something without those 2 tiny beds (Queens ... not that tiny).
Me: I apologize sir I do have a room that I can move to you on the 2nd floor.
NBO: NO that won't work are you sure you don't have anything on the ground floor you don't look busy at all.
We had a TON of stayovers and guess what people always ask for ground level so I only had a few to sell when I got in. The people I checked in before the oddballs all wanted ground floor. Our property is also large with over 160 rooms however more than half our property is down for a variety of reasons mainly COVID ruined our scheduled renovations so I do understand their skepticism on that front.
Me: I unfortunately do not have anything on the ground level sir but I do have rooms on the 2nd floor.
NBO: mouth drops open Didn't you hear me? I CAN'T do the 2nd floor I'm #HaNdIcApPeD!
Now I didn't notice anything to indicate he's handicapped and he never said anything but he yelled at me like I should have known.
Me: I apologize sir but as I said I have nothing available on the ground floor to move you to.
NBO: Oh what a load of bull. Look how big your property is YOU'RE telling me you don't have a single room on the ground floor to move me to?\
Me: Unfortunately I do not sir.
NBO: Well why not?
I tried explaining to him the situation and he sighed loudly tossed his arms up and said "Whatever I guess we'll just have to take the smoking room" and muttered under his breath calling me a lying fuck as they left the lobby.
A minute later he called on an outside line and didn't bother to mask his voice.
NBO: I need a room on the ground floor please with drive up parking.
Me: I do not have a room on the ground floor sir but I do ha...
NBO cut me off with a loud sigh then muttered what a fucking lying son of a bitch as he hung up.
About 30 minutes later one of our long term stays came in and told me someone had parked next to their door and was blocking the driveway and yes it was NBO so now I have to call them.
NBO: What.
Me: This is the FD I noticed that you are parked in our driveway, we understand that you need to unload your belongings but that is the driveway so I have to ask if you would please park in the proper area.
NBO: Well I asked for drive up parking when I checked in (he didn't) and that worthless FDA didn't say a damn thing about it.
Me: Sir, you're parked in the drive way which is clearly marked with a red curb so I am going to have to ask you to move.
NBO: Sure it is, fine fine I'll move it. Anything else I can't help you with?
Me: No sir have a great day.
Jesus what a miserable old bag.
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2021.09.23 02:30 ANTHOIBEW93 Image Editor

Hey everyone I have a question about if anyone has a recommendation for any image design software, app or website that work the best for photos of people. Like something to capture alot of detail such as shading. Any recommendations are appreciated 🙏
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2021.09.23 02:30 cashsawards78 Ribbon Design & Manufacture

Ribbon Design & Manufacture
Cash’s has it’s own ribbon weaving facility which allows us to design and manufacture a custom made ribbon to suit the event or your organisation. We have made custom ribbons for all the large, and not so large sporting organizations throughout Australia. So there is no running around for you, we are able to manage the entire process for you.
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2021.09.23 02:30 gradyuriahaadenjedi This is the newest project of him?

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2021.09.23 02:30 onlyherefor9Odays Any ideas that could help me?

Hey you guys, I was very unexpectedly put into the hospital last Friday for a serious infection in my bone (and maybe cancer 🥺 but praying not) On IV antibiotics and doing lots of major and painful testing... the question is my rent was not paid for September before I came in here, and my LL was already threatening me with eviction and had the sheriff at my door. Background: I'm 39, husband, passed away, have 5 kids (3 still young, at home, one disabled) I just lost my job for this stuff with my health, and had been begging, borrowing and close to stealing to get September rent together (waiting for disability pay to start eventually)
I will be here anywhere from 4-6 WEEKS. What the heck should I do?!? Just let him evict me? I'm petrified... stuck here, holidays coming, and I don't want to lose my place but I'm at least $150 short still and literally cannot leave the unit, let alone the hospital, to do anything. Tried to explain to my LL, he doesn't give a sh*t about anything but $$$.
Any ideas would be helpful. I've tried calling all around, looking fointo any programs, no help so far. I live in a semi-rural area in upstate NY so it's not like resources are overflowing here. I'm so afraid, mostly because everything we own is in the apartment and we've already lost EVERYTHING once to a crooked corrupt asshole LL, I have no doubt this one would toss everything and not care about silly things like laws or tenant rights 😞 help? Please?
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2021.09.23 02:30 Lude5 In your guys experience is it worth upgrading to a larger format printer. I currently have a 9.5x9.5x10.5in printer and I’m looking at the ender 5 plus or creality CR10S pro v2 with a 12x12x15in. For the people with smaller printers have you not run into size issues?

I know you can print in half and then plastic weld two prints together to make the original sized peice. Has that worked well for you guys with smaller-ish printers?
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2021.09.23 02:30 TragicHero750 Wall Mount vs Shelf

I’m looking to purchase a sound bar. Most likely an LG to pair with my tv. Our main tv sits above the fireplace with a small mantle that will fit the sound bar perfectly. However, there is no power outlet at the mantle. I don’t want the coord visible running up behind the tv where the outlet is. I may look at getting a small outlet install but considering wall mounting.
Question: will mounting the sound bar on the wall effect sound? As the “up” speakers will be facing forward, etc. is there a setting to adjust your mounting type? Thanks!
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2021.09.23 02:30 markhadman Erik?

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2021.09.23 02:30 JesusWasAnOkayDude How do you prevent yourself from acting on emotions?

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2021.09.23 02:30 return2ozma What are some fun things you do around Long Beach when you're bored?

Let's get a list going.
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2021.09.23 02:30 swrncpete I Got RIPPED OFF Being A CAR HAULER - Pt 2 - Picking Up The Volkswagen Bug

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2021.09.23 02:30 ikenna9999 Concert timing

Does zay usually have openers? I’m about to see him but not sure how long to pregame for lol. If doors open at 7 when should I plan to get there so I don’t miss his set?
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2021.09.23 02:30 avmedicine Nigella sativa benefits for respiratory health - Usage Tips.

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