Why does getting baboon’d removes all my ammo

2021.09.23 01:38 Victorgcd08 Why does getting baboon’d removes all my ammo

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2021.09.23 01:38 lilpotatoegg Getting shaggy from scooby doo vibes (over 18)

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2021.09.23 01:38 mahsa_94 Problem with social media

I wonder if you guys have problem with social media like me or not. I don’t particularly like being active on social media, but nowadays it can affect your income vastly, especially with my career in publication. I have a private account on ig and I only post my own photos from holidays and stuff and I do it very occasionally. I am a book translator (which is an ideal job for an aspie cause you don’t have to go out and talk to people, you just sit in your pajamas at home and do the job). But I understand that if i be more active on social media I can earn more income for multiple reasons. recently I have been asked to do a series of instagram lives with someone about a philosophical-psychological subject. My ig is so personal and it is embarrassing for me to do it on that account. I also created another account for professional purposes a few months back but i have not posted anything yet.I just feel very lost and confused about it. I don’t know how to start posting and what to write as content. I have a lot in my mind but I don’t like exposing myself on social media. Also if I try to be more like other people I feel inauthentic and blame myself. I hate that nowadays if you don’t have active social media, it is like you don’t even exist. If you have any advices I would be happy to hear.
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2021.09.23 01:38 Alt_shiba1 Anyone wanting to play vanilla

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2021.09.23 01:38 KBiddys Puzzle and analysis giving me different answers

Whenever I'm doing puzzles and I get it wrong I always go to the analysis to fully understand the position. Sometimes though when I go to the analysis it gives a different solution to what happened in the puzzle. Is this just a difference in depth analyzed? If so does the puzzle have a deeper analysis than my depth of 18? This doesn't happen often, maybe every 30 puzzles and the one I noticed today had a difference of .20 in advantage. Is it so negligible that it doesn't really matter which move is played? Basically I'm asking should I go by the solution to the puzzle or my chess engine answer once I analyze it? Thanks in advance.
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2021.09.23 01:38 jg727 Gaps in top of print?

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2021.09.23 01:38 LoonyPoony Tif & Fox. The two best friends and brothers.

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2021.09.23 01:38 mhj_gfb-cu_jty 石田健大23日ヤクルト戦で2年ぶり先発「特別な気持ちがある」

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2021.09.23 01:38 staccato5p $68 to $127 worth of referrals- Webull [$11-$2300], M1 Finance [$30], Public [$3-$70] Voyager [$25]

This is a compilation of some great (over $114) referral offers. They're all stock referral offers, but I'm gonna keep looking for and signing up to new things to add to list over time!
Webull- $11-$2300
Here is my link for Webull. All you have to do is deposit $5 and they give you between $11 and $2300 worth of stocks as a referral bonus. Obviously, odds are higher that you will get the lower end of that, but its still a decent bonus if you were interested in checking out a new investing app!
Referral link for Webull-
M1 Finance- $30
M1 Finance is another stock trading app like Webull. Instead of giving you a random stock, this one gives you $30 guaranteed for depositing $100.
Referral link for M1 Finance-
Public- $3-$70
Public is a stock trading app offering users a free stock valued between $3 to $70 for opening an account and making any deposit, with a minimum deposit amount of $1.
Referral link for Public-
Voyager- $25
Voyager is a crypto-trading app, they're giving users a free $25 worth of bitcoin just for opening an account with a referral code and trading $100 worth of crypto on the app. You can buy and then re-sell the bitcoin right away like I did and should get the $25 relatively risk-free, and fast (within 24 hours from my experience).
My referral code for Voyager-
Enter that code under the reward section during signup. Voyager is an app on the iPhone and Google Play stores, you can use the below direct links to download the app but you will still need to enter my referral code above during signup to get the $25.
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2021.09.23 01:38 cry0sync Unable to Link to Game Center?

I’ve been playing Adv. Ages (and AdCom) since launch, and never thought to link my Game Center account so my saves would sync across my iOS devices. Today, I was able to link my AdCom account to Game Center with no issues. However, when I try to link my Adv. Ages account, I get a prompt that says I’m signed in with Game Center, but the loading screen does not disappear (screenshot linked below for reference)
Has anyone else experienced this, or know of any workarounds?
Additional info:

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2021.09.23 01:38 Minimum_Razzmatazz35 Harmony (ONE) Cryptocurrency Price Prediction, Forecast and Technical An...

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2021.09.23 01:38 I-will-eat-your-toes Do you guys do kendo or fencing?

Just wanted to know if you guys play fencing or kendo rlly well
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2021.09.23 01:38 vidyashankara 2004 Porsche Cayenne base AC compressor

I have a 2004 Porsche Cayenne Base 3.2l v6. I am trying to diagnose why my AC stopped working. I tried to recharge the AC and it looks like the low side pressure is too high, which means the compressor isn’t turning on. But the clutch seems to be depressed and the center of the compressor is spinning even when the AC is completely turned off. Do the Porsche Cayenne base model compressors have a mechanical clutch? This looks like the model in the car.
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2021.09.23 01:38 ultralightbeans- thinking bout cartnites

would be intriguing
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2021.09.23 01:38 Status_Boss_9415 OH HELL NAW SQUINDLELARD MAD AT RATFLICK

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2021.09.23 01:38 bunnypancakes123 I keep relapsing...naltrexone?

After several years of sobriety, I've been relapsing a lot lately & finally admitted this to my doctor. He was SO cool about it & didn't judge me or lecture me about all the potential health problems (like my last doc did). I have a solid recovery support system in place but I keep relapsing anyway. Today my doctor prescribed Naltrexone. It's supposed to reduce cravings & block the buzz from alcohol. Wondering what experiences people here have had with this medication?
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2021.09.23 01:38 baller83388312 I’m honestly astounded they put Tokyo in ranked over Vancouver…

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2021.09.23 01:38 Odessa_Pearl well, I may not have paid much attention in school but.... im pretty sure the Moon is not the Earth. that is what I get for getting knock off puzzles.

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2021.09.23 01:38 Sad-Inevitable-7260 Lol I might be tripping but does the album art cover spell the bands name?

It could be I've been looking at it for too long but there's seems to be some letters in there lol? Anyone else ?
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2021.09.23 01:38 cetylpiridinium C-17A 360° Cockpit Video from 2019 Riverfire Rehearsal

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2021.09.23 01:38 s0ader88 Quem quiser jogar zombies no xbox one pode me adicionar

Gamertag: SucodeXuca Jogo mais de madrugada tenho todos mapa do bo2 e bo3 e alguns do bo1 e bo4
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2021.09.23 01:38 rotiohyp What motivates you to work hard?

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2021.09.23 01:38 Superb_Table3895 PS5 guard looking for a rec team to grind levels with. 95 overall play shot and level 27. Hmu

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2021.09.23 01:38 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 01:38 skinismo ITAP of a cat

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